Thursday, 19 January 2017

Alfi works!

Yesterday I pressed my alarm by mistake. It's a little pendant which I was wearing under my shirt. Normally I would have just fished it out but my dog collar is a bit tight for that so when I caught it by accident, it rang...
Astonished by what I'd done I heard a voice almost immediately.
"Reverend Rolt, are you alright?"
I apologised. I had pressed it by mistake but it had worked in an instant!
Had I not answered someone would have been dispatched to find my body!
Until then I hadn't really thought about it much...
It was just something I had been pressed to do by very good friends because I lived a long way out of the village on my own!
Now I am just glad I did it.
Knowing that help is available in an instant is wonderful.
I'm not sure that an armed police unit would arrive in case of intruders but
there is a much better chance of it than I ever thought!
Thanks to all those who nagged me into it!

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