Thursday, 26 January 2017

Banking problems.

I was stunned this week to realise that my first husband, David has been dead for twenty years..
Back in 1997 he was newly retired from Nat West, a bank he was immensely proud of.
As I've watched over the last years his bank , now joined with the Royal Bank of Scotland has been in all sorts of trouble.
I cherish the memory of the years we spent living in Essex as he moved slowly up the ladder of promotion to become a very senior manager.
Every time I hear of the present difficulties of the Royal Bank I hear his voice of indignation and regret .
He would never have dreamed that one day the tax payers of this country would own a great deal of the bank stock.
I have thousand of shares,which he took in lieu of bonuses.
He confidently predicted that they would look after us in our old age.
Before the crash I used my yearly income from these shares to buy all my robes and stoles after my ordination. This would have made David laugh once he'd got over the shock!
I have got used to never having a dividend. It's no longer an important part of my old age finances.
But every time I hear reports of the continuing problems my heart sinks...
It is not what David would have expected of his old age...

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