Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Converters and such.

It wasn't chairs I needed to be at home was stamina!
The young man I'd been so rude to the previous day arrived on time and spent all morning here. Most of the time we talked standing up!
Up in the loft he gave me a great deal of information. My bats don't live there any more but mice do. All was apparently well until he got to the converters...which are using far too much was more technical than that but that gives the picture....
Naturally he found that I needed something else fitted in order to reduce this!
Oh dear.
I had started by apologising but also told him that whenever anyone arrived to inspect anything it always cost me money!
A new thingy was duly ordered and the date for its arrival fixed.
This will not save me money but it will now be safer...or so I'm told....
I liked the young Liverpudlian ....we had a good conversation before he went up , disappearing into the loft whilst I stood at the bottom of the step ladders.
I was sorry to have been so unpleasant the day before but it didn't seem to have done him any harm....
I am sorry that it won't be him who is coming next week...
But I'll cope on the basis that it will be another Liverpudlian!
But I am left with the thought that as I predicted something extra is always needed...strange that.

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