Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Demands for money.

I know I'm going slightly loopy....well, I've always been a little that way but sometimes I just give up!
Last week I got two letters from the same organisation which I am trying not to name....
The first letter told me that they would collect a sum of money in the middle of February .
The second letter informed me that payment was now overdue and must be paid in the next week. The sum of money was not the same.
As the letter arrived on Saturday morning it gave me a weekend to ponder in...I had no idea what the money was for...no clues were given.
So I waited.
Monday morning early I found it was for the installation of Alfi...the security system for old people....but the sums were different as was the tone of both letters.
One was polite giving me the due date in February...
The other was demanding payment immediately if not sooner!
I was reasonably polite as I spoke to the young man responsible but it really is bad practice. The sum of money involved was not huge...and I can afford it but there could well be people who would find it a struggle.
I did get an apology eventually but I hope no other old dears experience it!
It could send their blood pressures up...it certainly did mine.

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