Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Ending the journey!

Yesterday was our last port of call. We now have two days at sea before reaching our home shores.
I have enjoyed the trip....even with tears at times...but they were tears for David as well as for Michael...
I miss them. I am not good at travelling alone but I am getting used to it.
I have made some new friends...and renewed acquaintance with old ones.
I can do this now...
I've also met some people who are booked on the Fred Olsen cruise I will do later this year.
They tell me it's almost booked up!
There is general discontent with Cunard on board...not getting ashore in Madeira has made people question whether the reasons given were the correct ones...
Saving money seems the common view!
Most people though have enjoyed the experience...new cruisers as well as old hands like me.
My bad throat didn't develop into anything worse...I will get home in reasonably good condition which is just as well as I've already had an email telling me whose playing the organ and which hymns she would like to play!
Today at sea I shall rest and contemplate....before the packing starts tomorrow...arghhhhhh!

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