Saturday, 7 January 2017


Back home, unpacked mostly....I have been busy since I got home.
Today I have a service in an inland village which will take me nearly half an hour to get there....
They are a lovely lot of people and I always enjoy visiting....
Today is Epiphany, the time the three wise men arrived to bring the baby Jesus presents from afar....
Where I've been travelling over the last two weeks in Spain and Portugal Epiphany is a much more significant festival than Christmas .
The day for exchanging presents is at Epiphany .
Until the last few years Father Christmas was not counted as in any way significant.
He is now beginning to make his appearance on Christmas Eve....much regretted by the old but not by the young!
But the time for giving loved ones presents is Epiphany...and somehow it feels very significant....having followed their star...there  are the wise men presenting their  precious gifts to the baby Jesus!
Back to work this is my gift . Alleluia!

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