Saturday, 14 January 2017

Flooding on the East coast!

The news yesterday that the coast of Essex was threatened by strong winds and very high tides brought back some vivid memories.
Several villages were advised to spend the night away from their homes .
I lived about twenty five miles inland but we still flooded every winter at some stage.
The river broke its banks fairly frequently. We had sand bags and by using these piled against the front door I never suffered the worst pain of having flood water in the house.
My garage though flooded every year, sometimes more than once.
Everything in there was placed on stilts! Anything on the floor got very wet indeed!
I once decided to row my dingy up the road when the flooding was it its worst! I was deterred by my husband!
One day after a major cloud burst my husband heard on the news that some people had had to be rescued by helicopter from the local park!
I was safe . I had tied myself and my bike to a handy tree!
The field behind us contained several horses. When it flooded the poor animals retreated to the two highest spots regularly. Wearing wellies we would take them food till the tide went out!
Before I left I had invested in new drains...every time I hear that Essex is in danger I hope that the new system is still working!
I was glad to hear this morning that the villages were not hit...
Being flooded is very unpleasant. I do pray that they all stay safe!

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