Sunday, 22 January 2017

Marching as protest!

Watching the news last night I was struck with the sheer numbers of women marching...and it made me very proud of my sex!
Women on the whole are not natural marchers...we don't get up and protest has to be something vital to get us up and shouting!
Over the years I have marched several times.
I joined a march in Bury to protest the closing of old people's homes and nurseries. It was a fairly small protest but it started me off!
After that most of my walks were against racism. The national front was strong in Rochdale and on one of the walks through the town we were joined by some very unlikely figures.
I walked with a very frail old lady who told me as we walked that she had been in a concentration camp as a small child.
She pointed at some members of the jeering crowd and said, "This is how it begins so we have to show solidarity."
Those women marching through Washington yesterday were doing just that and from my safe sofa I applauded them.
Today all I can do is pray...that anywhere in the world where people are suffering contempt or worse being ignored for political ends, strength is found to support them.
And it's not just us, the women...everyone I meet and talk to right now is anxious about our collective futures...we are living in very unpredictable let those who can march, and these who can't ..pray. Amen


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