Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Old age?

My first few days back home have been very busy, not just the unpacking and the dismantling of Christmas but trying to get all my current ducks in a row is proving unusually testing....
My old confidence has had several knocks since getting home and I am forced yet again to acknowledge my advancing age.
Everything is harder than it used to be.
I get tired faster and this is reflected in the number of times I'm using the chair lift put in for David as he got weaker.
My decision not to have it removed has been a godsend over the last few days...
I have piled loads of stuff on it but also actually sat on it, carrying bundles from one room to another!
After I got into bed last night I realised that I'd not emptied the washing machine.....this morning it stays full of damp clothes until I get up a bit more energy!
I have made this statement several times since getting home.
"I shall be eighty this year"
"Old age is not for wimps."
"I will get round to it....eventually!"
I see the way things are going only too clearly. This morning I am waiting for a Tesco delivery.
Tomorrow I have a midweek communion.
Various commitments are also looming...
But my energy levels are low. I am learning to organise my time and my commitments in a way I never have before!
Old age was under discussion last Sunday when the organist played for the first time in many months....her fingers she explained are no longer supple!
The same could be said for my limbs. Or my brain come to that!
But the good news is that now the winter solstice is passed, the light is coming back!
Lots of Spring flowers are out it's not all bad news....
Time to tackle the waiting washing now!
Another test of old age probs happened this morning when my electricity went off!
I rang Western power.
The kind lady suggested I tripped a switch somewhere.  I had no idea where.
She asked if my neighbours also had no electricity so I went next door to check. Theirs was fine.
The brother of my neighbours remembered a previous occasion and came over to look.  He switched it back on again for which I am very grateful but the bottom line here is that it involved climbing a step ladder to do it, something I would be able incapable of on my own!
Arghhhh! Old age really is not for wimps!

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