Monday, 30 January 2017

Phishing !

I may be getting paranoid in my old age. Every email I get from Apple asking me to update my data feels like phishing so I send it on. And never click on the link.
Because I have a new debit card I have to change quite a lot at the moment .
On Saturday I got a letter asking me to pay a debt I didn't know I had.
I have racked my brain but I have no idea what this one is all about.
Maybe I'm just getting dozy in my old age....but before I send any money anywhere I have to check.
The words "They are all out to get me" reverberate some days.
Last week brought a different problem. A new entry on my bank account was a puzzle, as it was money paid in not taken away...
The initials gave nothing took me three days to work out that it was a yearly deposit from a fixed rate bond.
I check my accounts every morning.....that way I am fairly confident that I'm not being ripped off...but occasional I do forget things....
The access to the internet makes it easy to check my details, but I am fully aware that it is also a potential danger....
The phishing emails keep coming , several a week...I am trying very hard not to fall for any more scams!

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