Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Sad but true.....I am reluctant to admit it but I fell for it. .....again!
Another scam got me last week.
Some days ago I was given the bad news that I needed a new piece of equipment to control the voltage of my converter ( don't ask)
The young Liverpudlian was charming, funny and convincing. Only since then did I start to question the facts...
I just worried on Saturday. Something didn't sit right...it was just too convenient , particularly as I suspected they had sent the previous scammer even though they denied it.
So I asked around.
The advice I got was all damming....
I asked on twitter if anyone knew anything about this solar panel company.
The replies I got were illuminating.
I emailed one of the men who had serious doubts.....his reply sealed the doubts...yes it was a scam. Even if the fault existed the electrical supplier would come and fix it....all part of the service!
So I have cancelled my debit card and my monthly direct debit and talked to my electricity supplier.
Let the rest of the world be aware....they really are all out to get us!
Having written about being targeted yesterday I was again phoned about getting a new boiler and yet another young man said he was from the National Debt help line and was here to help me!
I asked him how he had got my mobile number and he said it was on a data base!
Having no debt at all I quickly got rid of him though his reaction to my statement that I was debt free was disbelief....but really some steps should be taken to protect us old ladies....
Over the last weeks there have been attempts every day to get me involved with some scheme or other...all for my greater good of course!
It would be good to have some sort of action to prevent it because I am not alone in this!

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