Sunday, 15 January 2017

Solar tile scam.

I have several visitors arriving this morning. I tried very hard to put one of them off and failed.
Some people of you may remember a previous post when I fell for a scam involving my solar tiles.
I subsequently cancelled the planned work needed for my roof after a local roofer told me the work was unnecessary.
But this mornings young man was the one who recommended the surveyor.
I checked my phone records to be sure.
So under no circumstances is this young man going onto my roof or coming into the house!
I have got other people arriving to talk about their wedding and my cleaner will be I do have back up.
His insistence that my solar tiles need checking and that he has to come to do that raised my deep suspicions when he said he was visiting in my area anyway.
This is the ploy used before....if they are here anyway I had better let them come.
The phone call is from a Lancashire number .
Maybe I'm being over cautious. Maybe the visit is on the level but once bitten, twice shy!
Let other people with solar tiles beware..they are providing the would be scammers with a way in....apparently there is an energy register with all our names and addresses on it...
Oh dear. Or words to that extent.

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