Saturday, 28 January 2017

Solitary life.

Living alone is not something I would chose.
But it's not all bad.
I can chose when I get up. If I want to sleep late I can. Saturday was always a late morning after a week of getting up early to get to work so it still is.
If I want to sit up in bed playing daft games late at night, I can.
I eat what I want, when I want.
I would rather have someone to cook for....I enjoy cooking but on my own it's a waste of time so mostly I buy ready dinners. They have improved a lot over the last few years.
I iron about once a month.
In the old days I ironed for hours, every week, as many as ten shirts a week took a lot of time when I was married to a bank manager.
I miss company in the house so I often chat as I loved ones are still with me. As I walk into an empty house I still tell the ghosts that I'm home.
I can indulge myself if I want to. I watch absolute rubbish on the TV.
I enjoy a soothing, warming drink of an evening with no guilt.....there have to be some compensations for being alone.
I remembered yesterday that when my first husband had to go off on a weeks course it was a liberating experience...a pleasure in fact. I learned then to find rubbish to watch on my own.
I do miss my darlings....all of them. But in their absence I can cope..
One of my best friends who is ten years older than me is waiting to die. I'm not. Life is still good. I live in a beautiful place. I am still working.
I do thank God daily and mean it.

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