Monday, 23 January 2017

Targeting the vulnerable!

It's Monday morning after a very busy weekend....I've learned a lot over the last few days...
I am fortunate in having many friends. I've lived in several different places around the British Isles .
The week ahead is also busy and a quick look out of the window reveals frost, most unusual for here.
Thankfully all my radiators are hot! Over the weekend I've talked to the men who sorted out the heating after the "Green homes" people ruined it by putting in a new system . They said it would save me oil. It did.....we had three cold winters in consequence!
The firm responsible are no longer in business but several others have sprung up with slightly different names.
This seems fair game for them I'm afraid...but what I want to know is how these people are able to get hold of not just my landline number but also my mobile phone number!
Over the weekend I have had several calls offering me a new government initiative. I can have a new boiler!
I refused. Regular readers of this blog will understand the reasons.
Old ladies are targeted I'm often charming, good looking young men....I do wonder if old men are also targeted. But somehow I doubt it!

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