Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Donald is in residence!

Friday night.
I don't often start to watch television during the afternoon...puritanical habits persist I'm afraid, but today was different.
It was extraordinary viewing. A day I never believed would happen, along with the rest of the world I suspect.
A showman , a game show host became the forty fifth president of the USA!
Obviously it didn't happen and I'll wake up in the morning to find everything back to normal.....
But I am very much afraid after watching his acceptance speech that I have no option but to believe that it's happened!
His promises were wonderful....they really did include motherhood and apple pie....he is going to make America great again!
He was short on how he is going to do it but he sounded like a latter day Father Christmas speaking to the children...
He is going to bring back plenty, regenerate failed areas in the rust belt, attend to all those who feel ignored....the list is long ...Life is never going to be dull, miserable or depressing.
But he's promised to start by abolishing Obama care...without explaining how this will benefit those who will not be able to pay for any alternative health care.
The welfare state we have in this country , much loved by most of us even when it falls short of ideal is never going to be part of this mans plans for the USA. But if you listened to his speech it sounded very much like it!
If I have to blame someone then it has to be the Democratic Party!
What were you thinking? By putting a very unpopular candidate in the field you let this showman in!
it wasn't a dream....I just heard the voice!
He is going to keep twittering! OK!

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