Sunday, 8 January 2017

Too many cooks?

Yesterday was different. I made my way over to the inland little church and found no parking place! I had to put my car near the's wonderful how often the pub and the church nestle together!
I found another priest in the I'd never met before but he'd come to the service he told me.
Fiddling with my mike at the start of the service a voice from the congregation informed me I'd just switched it off.
Looking up I found the man recently retired from the parish...he had been my training incumbent many years ago! I was actually quite pleased to see him...
There was a good wonder I'd lost my parking place!
I apologised for being a little forgetful with slight travel lag....preached a sermon on the subject of always following your star....and got on with the communion.
Afterwards, prepared to eat humble pie for any slips....I found that there were another three priests in the church, making five of us altogether.....we didn't outnumber the congregation but it was definitely overkill!
Retrieving my car from the pub I was tempted to pop in I admit...but waited to get home before opening a bottle of wine.
It was still Sunday after all!

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