Saturday, 7 January 2017

Trump towers!

The news from America continues to be worrying. I hear that Putin wanted Trump to be elected and interfered with the election electronically.
It's not just scary, it's the sort of scenario which no one would believe if it was the central theme in a novel or film.
Trump seems to surround himself with characters that are universally distrusted....or detested .
And his tweets are simply unprofessional to an extraordinary extent.
In the lead up to his inauguration I find myself downloading Fox News to maintain the stream of information I was watching whilst I was cruising.
Yesterday, a busy day I found myself watching the worrying amount of tweets, remarks of a personal nature and reports of new initiatives from Trump Towers.
It's not fiction. It's real life and it affects us all...
The two candidates standing were not people I liked....I can understand why Clinton was not elected but what we are left with is much more frightening...
There seems no way to overturn the results of an election being influenced by Putin. But surely there should be!
If an election has been rigged it should surely be put to one side?
The problem then though would be that the next election would also be interfered with.
Scared? I think we should be?

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