Wednesday, 25 January 2017

World change!

Change happens. When it happens unexpectedly it is often uncomfortable.
Some change is good...but more often than not any change from our norm feels wrong.
Us human beings are adaptable. We may start by resenting change but get used to it remarkably quickly.
The world as we know it is changing before our eyes, day by day.
Brexit is ensuring that this whole country feels poised for massive change, specially the very real danger that the United Kingdom will no longer exist if Scotland opts out in order to stay in Europe.
In his first days as in office Donald Trump is demonstrating his determination to follow through his election of which is to build a wall to keep unwelcome Mexicans out of America.
It's been done before in other countries but the wall built by the Romans to keep the Scots out has failed clearly over the years here.
Trumps utterances on immigration are very odd. He himself is the son of an immigrant .He spent a lot of time during his electioneering pouring doubt on Obama's citizenship . None of it adds up to what I have always thought to be the American ethos,
The poem on the Statue of Liberty reads, "Bring me your poor, your huddled masses"
The boats carrying those fleeing from religious persecution in this country started the mass immigration which formed this great nation .
Change happens....and we can't always point it in the direction we would be comfortable with! We have no option but to go with the let's pray that the direction is not too destructive of our dearly loved culture.

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