Friday, 13 January 2017

World politics

The world just gets weirder!
The latest news spilling out about Trump is too serious to ignore and he's not been appointed yet.
It is riveting news but is not proved to be true...
But the mere fact that this account of his behaviour has been published is astonishing.
I am currently reading John LeCarries autobiography. He has used some wonderful scenarios based on the actuality he found during his period in the secret service. But nothing compares to this.
No one believes that Trump is an angel but he has to be a respected statesman on the world stage.
This is looking increasingly difficult.
Remembering the problems with Nixon brings the possibility of impeachment in due course but this drastic procedure would completely destroy American status on the world stage.
It doesn't really matter if the story is true or untrue. The damage is done.
Put together with what we heard Trump say in the published tape we can believe that's it's possible though unlikely!
We all knew that we were in a period of riveting news when Trump was elected but I think this unfolding story puts his future career as world leader in doubt....
There must be a way out of this mess...let's hope it's found soon for all our sakes.

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