Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Thinking the unthinkable this morning....I don't need to blog every day!
I have got into this habit now of sharing my thoughts daily, often early in the morning after listening to the news.
The other daily ingredient is looking through what I was doing every year at the same point.
Valentines Day has had no significance for me since I was young...so there's no heartache there...
The frequent trips David and I took show me truly wonderful things every morning.
I seemed to have loved Samoa a lot judging by all the photographs I took.
Our trips together were simply wonderful .
The world as we knew it then does not exist any more and I'm not sure I like what's replaced it.
But still I blog....and I know from my statistic check that it's read by people all over the world as well as this country ......but if some days I don't post one it doesn't mean I've died in the night...just that no hot topic is jumping out of the ether at me!
And I can't talk about Trump every day!

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