Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Chaotic news !

It's never going to be dull our brave new world....
Trumps first month in office has been even more scary than we thought!
A quick rummage through the news this morning gives news of resignations,the death of Kim Jungnam who seems to have been murdered.
Some of the new White House staff have already stepped over the various lines of etiquette, not least the lady who told everyone to go out and buy the clothes and shoes sold by Mr Trumps daughter!
If I was writing a script for a play I would hesitate to include some of the detail as too far one would believe it and yet ....
A Russian ship cruised past the American coast yesterday...
General Flynn was talking to the Russians during the run up to the election. He has now resigned but did the president know?
He has his own problems with Mr Putin who he claims as a friend who likes him.
In all of this it's hard to see a good way though it all two people are agreeing on what that way might be.
Conspiracy theories abound....who knew what, who said what to all makes for very interesting news but for those of us sitting on the side lines it is actually very very scary...
As I see the news on Fox News and read the reports from the New York Times my mind boggles...we are all in danger it appears...a shake up of this sort could lead to the unthinkable. Let us pray that common sense wins the day sooner rather than later!

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