Saturday, 11 February 2017

Cruising the world.

I woke fairly late to find several memories waiting for me. Facebook seems to be spending a great deal of time tracking us all back...
Timehop is the app that takes me back up to ten years ago.
As David and I often went off at this time of the year this mornings posts were from literally all over the world, starting with the pyramids.
Singapore followed on the same cruise...and the pics of us both lunching in Raffles brought back the most wonderful memories.
Other posts are from across the pond....having cruised through the Panama Canal twice.
Two trips through the Pacific when we got as far as New Zealand and Australia reveal two very brown intrepid travellers.
Gosh we were lucky...
When we are moving from place to place one day anywhere just whets the appetite for more so we always got off the ship and spent a few days in a hotel before flying home.
Finding all the pics , taken by kind people of us both is a daily revisiting of a too brief marriage but my word we packed a lot in!
It is I suppose one of the facets of old age that we spend time remembering.
Not all my memories are good but those from cruises past are wonderful!

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