Friday, 17 February 2017

Fake news?

On my iPad I have two newish apps. One is the Fox news app. The other is the New York Times app.
Last night sitting up in bed I clicked on to the speech that Mr Trump was giving to explain to us all that he had inherited a mess and that fake news was misrepresenting him. I watched for about twenty minutes at a time when I should have been asleep.
All was well in the Trump establishment and it was the press , worse the hostile press that was not being fair to him.
During the day I had read various comments on Facebook and Twitter. One retired judge had forecast that Trump would end his days in prison.
Last night I watched a man clearly determined to demonstrate his own greatness to the nation.
The first month of his presidency has been interesting but also worrying......
His choice of multi billionaires to take up responsible posts is based on the notion that if they can make huge sums of money they can transfer those skills to government.
Some have turned him down and that can't be easy.
His relationship with Putin doesn't worry me as much as the rest of his narcissism.
He seems to be running a live edition of The Apprentice...the only good news is that some of his choices are not prepared to go along with it.
."Your fired" does not appeal to everyone.
Like the rest of the world I await the next chapters of this astonishing drama...
It's certainly not dull!

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