Wednesday, 22 February 2017

First episode...immigration.

Watching the first episode of The West Wing I once again caught up with the various characters and their speech.
Neither of my husbands liked West Wing....they found the dialogue too difficult to follow and there were too many characters had to have a good ear to follow it very often.
I have enjoyed it for years....mostly on my own....
But I hadn't ever realised the significance in the first act.
Martin Sheen , the newly elected president walks into a room of journalists and religious leaders to be told that a small group of little boats had left Cuba and was heading for Miami....the group were looking for ways of sending them back when the President spoke,
"These people set out in small boats to cross a dangerous ocean, risking their lives, carrying their few possessions to get here. They didn't do it for anything other than that they want new lives, and they want them here. Don't stop them."
That established, they dispersed....but in the light of what we are seeing now in the White House it was a pretty amazing start in direct contrast to Pres Trump.
The difference is that West Wing is a work of fiction written by Aaron Sorkin . The present president believes the direct opposite as we know..
I was struck by the coincidence that both the real president and the fictional one both addressed the immigration problem early in their presidency but with totally different ethics.
Fiction does reflect real life sometimes.

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