Saturday, 25 February 2017

PC choices!

Two news items caught my eye and made me sigh this morning.
"The next Doctor Who should be black or female. "
A stained glass window in Bristol cathedral should be removed because it celebrates the life of a slave trader.
Recently too the statue of Cecil Rhodes was attacked in South Africa and students want it removed.
I understand that in our past History there are people who have done and said appalling things but the attempt to write them out of  History is surely wrong. No doubt some of our present day decisions will be judged wrong in the future but they are our preference not theirs.
The politically correct brigade have always depressed me.
It's attempt to rewrite history is particularly worrying.
Of course things happened in the past that we now regret...but the fact that they did happen should remain as reminders and hopefully prevent the same things happening again!
I really don't care if Doctor Who is female or black or both...I just want the best person for the job to be appointed...
Can we get back to common sense sometime soon?

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  1. I can recall my education in the 50's, where half the Atlas was coloured Red to denote the extent of empire. Even that late in the day, we were under the delusion that we still owned half of the world and it's people. It was if the second world war had never happened.

    So, I can understand that there is a sort of angst based memory by us of what was done in our name, and that we need to repent for the actions of our forebears, but you are quite right, there is an attitude about that it's all our fault, whether we were alive or not when it was done.

    There seems to be a need to scape goat everyone for actions that were committed by others in the past - fail to see what or how it will help mend the past

  2. The term PC has become a term of abuse these days. It is such a pity that having achieved some of their early goals they didn't close down the avenue which allows the most ridiculous ideas to be made law at the drop of a hat.
    What no-one seems to have realised is that changing the law does nothing to change people's minds, only their behaviour.
    Legislation is great, as far as it goes, but educating people to think differently is the only way to achieve real change.
    Ah well. (Climbs stiffly down from soap-box)