Sunday, 19 February 2017


Five years ago today we were in New Zealand having stopped at various exotic islands along the way.
I took a lot of photographs all faithfully appearing in the memory sections on this iPad.
As well as the seascapes there are a lot of David.
Two years before he died he was travelling the globe with great vigour and interest in everything.
But now I am shocked by how fast he deteriorated as reflected in the pictures of him. I failed to spot this at the's only in retrospect that it's hitting me.
I am glad to have all these photographs...but they are often a sad reflection on the frailty of man....and woman!
I have been very fortunate to have escaped winters at home in the past.
But this weekend it's Spring in my garden..
Camellias , crocus, daffodils, azaleas are all in full flower...a Cornish garden full of joy...
Thank you God.

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