Thursday, 9 February 2017

The land of Trump.

As I watch the unfolding of events in America I am getting very worried.
People speaking out are silenced.
Lies are told daily .
The new administration contains people who are far right and are influencing the president.
Trump it seems from all his utterances is easily led.
What strikes me most about him is how limited his vocabulary is.
Bad, horrible, tough stuff....are the best he can come up with in describing everything and everybody who disagrees with him.
His time in the Apprentice has given him an enjoyment of wielding power over people. This plus his narcissistic valuation of himself is dangerous.
Sacking any dissenter is the least of it...
But there is also a childish streak involved when he grumbles about the unfair treatment of his daughter. Apparently people have not been buying her stuff...a female boycott has meant her sales have dropped dramatically.
He is setting up a dynasty I'm afraid...and one which will change America.
The way he uses his power means that he will be very reluctant to give it up....
A national emergency in four years time could well mean that he has to carry on, bravely against all the odds....we can all write the script for him.
Getting him out office is not going to be easy...

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