Sunday, 5 February 2017

The return of fascism?

Disturbed by recent events in America I have started to think the unthinkable....surely fascism cannot be gaining ground again...
This made me wonder what turns people who hate other people into those who find comfort in derogatory labels. Jews, Pakis, Muslims...
I have in the past been labelled a Paki lover because I taught them for ten years and refused to join in the racist remarks sometimes hurled in my direction.
People are individuals . Sometimes we brand various ethnic groups with traits that seem common to them.
Jews are mean for instance as are the Scots! I am now ducking hastily!
The French are good lovers. I have to pass on this one.
Some sort of racial stereotyping has always been with us I suppose.
We are now experiencing the return of fascism in answer to people's doubts and's much easier to blame those we have little in common with than ourselves.
This weekend I have watched Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump in full flow about the dangers without.
But there is a much bigger danger that bothers me.
It is a direct attack on the core value of Christianity.
Jesus said He would leave us with an extra commandment.
"Love one another as I have loved you."
Those words say it all for me.
There is no place for the sort of hatred and disrespect we are seeing at the moment . And which scares me....
This is how it started before in Hitler's Germany.
Dear God don't let it happen again.

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