Thursday, 23 February 2017

Time whizzing by!

How did it get to the Sunday before Lent?
Time is whizzing past at the rate of knots...
Following my statement that I was in danger of becoming a recluse , normal life has resumed at an extraordinary rate.
I had supper last night with two old friends one of whom had been the councillor for hereabouts. He gave me some of excellent advice on the subject of the hole containing the sewage pipes...
I have talked to a lot of people on this subject all week....and the two people who have bought the house most affected by the huge hole close to their garage arrived yesterday.
On Sunday I am doing a service in the far flung fishing village I enjoy going to very much....
On Sunday night I am going to a play put on by an enterprising professional group calling themselves "Owdyado."
People are popping in , the phones ringing....usually to tell me that I need a new boiler....five of those yesterday....another one arrived whilst I was's an urgent announcement for people on benefits! What?
Invitations to go out somewhere are arriving daily...
It's definitely Spring...bring it on Lord!

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