Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A very late Easter.

The weather has gone bad again. It's raining and blowing..not inviting me out at all today.
I went out for lunch with an old friend yesterday.
St Mawes is very busy indeed right now. We were amazed by the number of cars parked.
Apparently some schools have already broken up!
Our usual pub was equally busy...there really are a lot of visitors here.
The problem is the lateness of order to get the summer timetables implemented some areas have decided to take their holidays two weeks before Easter and they will go back immediately afterwards.
It does make a sort of sense I suppose and yesterday I heard several lamentations followed by the wish that the date for Easter could be fixed!
I do have some sympathy for this...but this is mostly guilt.
Months ago I booked a cruise starting in Falmouth. It was just too good an opportunity to miss. Only recently have I realised that I embark on Maundy Thursday.
Not a date I would ever have chosen . So this year guilt will be inevitably mixed with anticipation.
I have been on a boat at Easter before. Finding churches in New Zealand to celebrate Easter in has happened twice before...and I remember at least one occasion when I celebrated in my cabin with friends....
But here when all my colleagues are off to the Cathedral for the special service which I used to love I shall be waving goodbye to my house, clearly visible from Falmouth, as we set off. Several other members of the church here are also something will happen...I just don't know what yet...but I really didn't know when I booked it that it was Easter!
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

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