Friday, 24 March 2017

Aftermath of terror.

Almost as shocking as the actual massacre of innocent people was yesterday , the number of people trying to jump onto the publicity band wagon generated by the violence was even more shocking as the day proceeded.
Even the junior Trump joined in . That the Mayor of London is also a Muslim is surely an indication that not all followers of the prophet are set on boosting Isis by violence but he still tried to claim the opposite.
Various people in our country who live by negative reporting also jumped onto the bandwagon with alacrity.
The bottom line for all this is that disturbed people in our society can kill, maim and produce terror if they are willing to die in the process. It was ever thus.
We live with the knowledge that disturbed people can wreak havoc if they really want to and no amount of legislation can stop it.
The shooting at Dunblane was an example un related to any one group. This latest horror comes into the same category I think.
There are always going to be individuals capable of  perpetrating horrors for a few moments of glory. Going out in a blaze of violence is something many disturbed, angry men dream of, who see it as a fitting end to their lives.
Thankfully the numbers of those who actually act on this are few.
As for the person who described yesterday the demoralisation of Britain writing that we were all afraid now, I'm afraid the sort of publicity that that brings is simply short lived and far from demoralising us, just underlines our resilience in times of war .
Because what is happening is an aberration. Once people decide that martyrdom is for them then nothing logical can stop's randomness is what makes it terrible.
Parliament continues. Our world, still intact goes on as we pray for the injured, the bereaved and the innocent people caught in the appalling violence...
Lord, hear our prayer.

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