Sunday, 12 March 2017

Back to normal!

Over the last few days my world has returned to what it used to be...non stop activity!
The problem with that is that I am very much older now.
Having just done the eight am communion I am very relieved not to have any more today!
I'm still tired after a hectic baptism yesterday.
Driving into the tropical garden which surrounds our lovely church you would have to be blind not to see the evidence of hard work all around.
By the entrance is a huge bright pink magnolia full of blossom, decades old!
The entire church yard now is bright and very very beautiful.
On my daughters grave over looking the creek is one tiny primrose just open.
Soon the garlic grass will cover all the slopes not filled in by graves.
It is glorious . And just what I needed after yesterday.
There is time for a short rest before getting the recycling out and going out to lunch with a very old friend!
I shall not be complaining about my solitary state again for a long time.
A quiet nap or two would go down very well just now!

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