Monday, 27 March 2017

BT gremlins again!

A brief email from BT informs me that over the next few days I might find my access to the internet to be intermittent.
It's already best described as dodgy!
The email says that it will be much better as a result of their workings but we shall see.
Since a good friend managed to get me onto super fast last year I have enjoyed much better access.
If I test it's still much slower than it should be. So I should be glad that they are trying to improve it...but being realistic I have to recognise that we are fairly isolated up here so some problems can be expected.
All of this means that over the next few days according to BT I may not be very reliable....
Along with the information that they will be working locally I am being bombarded with offers to get BT television.
"Get it now before your offer runs out! ". I am not even considering this one....
Once more we are sailing into uncertain seas...according to BT. Fingers crossed it will be better eventually!

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