Saturday, 18 March 2017

Fact or fiction or fake?

As time moves on in this gripping saga of White House politics truth, as ever stranger than fiction is proving elusive to grasp.
Mr Trump does not appear to think he is under any compunction to always speak the truth...and clings to various fictions with tenacity...
Anything he hears that doesn't fit in with his concept of himself as the greatest living white man in America is dismissed as "fake".
He seems hell bent on discrediting his predecessor . He had finally to drop his insistence that Obama was not born in the USA after being ridiculed for his insistence. He does not take take ridicule well.
I think he may be one of those people who actually doesn't recognise a lie when it comes from his own lips. He said it therefor it must be true!
Yesterday he added a small bit of embroidery to the original lie by trying to implicate us, GCHQ did it! This was emphatically denied!
The problem is that when everyone else knows about your little weakness they may well take advantage of you by dropping small clues towards the next big lie...
His determination to outshine Obama is apparent daily...he just has to go one step further to actually discredit him.
This may well be his major mistake...if he keeps up this fallacy long enough then people will start to laugh at him.
He wouldn't like that, from any of his minions. "Off with his head."
Just as well there are no guillotines in the White House!

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