Sunday, 5 March 2017

King of the world?

Reading all the Trump tweets yesterday was like seeing a small spoiled child scream accusations when someone has taken his ball away!
He must be very insecure to attack his predecessor in this way, maintaining that Obama had wired Trump tower to spy on him during the run up to the election.
"Me, me me. I'm the important one..."
it is astonishing behaviour from a grown man.
I have seen small children behave in this way after someone took away a favourite toy.
Trump resents the sort of press he's been getting, that's obvious but to get into a personal arrack on Obama is extraordinary.
Did he expect automatic adulation when he got this job?
He seems to need constant reassurance , adulation if he surrounds himself with people clever enough to pander to him.
I think this behaviour is actually proof of a deep seated urgent need to be crowned King of the world after not getting the award for "The Apprentice" last year, which he was still bringing up during the electioneering last year.
"I shoulda got it."
All of this is very sad, betraying a deep seated insecurity I think. Taking on the job of a top politician without any experience at all was bound to be difficult but I doubt if the people who voted for him see his imperfections yet....
Clearly it's time for another ego boost in the shape of a lot of people yelling their praises.
I hope he realises that those yells can quickly turn to jeers if he appears to be letting them down.
I'm not sure if he is medically deranged but surely someone in the administration can be found to deal with it.
The tweets start early in the morning...and are read by people like me all over the world. .
To have it all aired in public is not good for him, for America or for the rest of us.
Please America.....Deal with it, many of us are getting scared......

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