Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Meeting new people.

I did go to the pensioners lunch yesterday...and a very good lunch it was too!
Oddly the people running it were people I knew . They have a farm house rather like the one I'm currently living in but theirs is still a working farm, with pigs in the barn and cattle in the field...
We think our farms were linked originally since we share a the old days we must have been part of the feudal manor of Tregear! My house is Tregear Vean whereas theirs is Tregearwoon.
They have made a wonderful job of making a large kitchen and restaurant as well as lovely peaceful gardens to enjoy cream teas in in summer!
The group of people were very mixed . I only knew a few of them, the ones who go to church obviously... but I did enjoy it and I shall probably go again...
As a group of people we were all aging rather well. One lady was accompanied by her daughter and there was one man, who seemed not to mind being the token bloke!
Most of the others were people who like me had moved here after retirement.
Many of them were involved in the local amateur dramatics, several leading lights of the recent pantomime were present.
I am now slowly realising that I have cut myself off from the local life after moving from one village to the next...
My social life has naturally revolved around church..and this is a whole new set of people...
It's another avenue to explore.....and I may well enjoy the journey! Us pensioners need to stick together!

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