Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mid Lent!

Last years Mothering Sunday was emotional for me. This year despite a private wobble early in the morning I've been far.
Past mothers days do come to mind...and as someone said last year I am still a mother even though I have outlived my children.
In the past mid lent weekends often contained a dance, or a supper held in the church hall...
Today the fourth Sunday in Lent is a good day for most people ...a day when children can make amends for small neglects or cross words...
I was given flowers for which I am very grateful. Spring is now apparent everywhere and the church yard is simply glorious.
Doing a service so early means I can now read the news, good, bad or indifferent before tackling the hated job of recycling.
The box full of empty bottles is embarrassing but I'm learning to live with it...
The cardboard boxes that need to be jumped on are another matter but as I have been up for hours there is plenty of time to get it all out . Happy Mother's Day?

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