Wednesday, 1 March 2017

New iPad!

Yesterday was passed in a haze. I had ordered a new iPad.
It duly arrived at the time it had been promised and unpacking revealed a very sleek slim iPad mini. It's pink , gleams and has a pink cover...
I am still a girl!
The haze arrived when I tried to set it up!
Every single step of the way demanded a password or code!
New passwords were needed.
Codes from various places were sent to my mobile phone...Apple take security very seriously!
Retrieving these was not straightforward. I have no idea why...I had to have a phone call from Apple half way through the process.
Google then joined in.
Trying to find all the right words and numbers and get them in the right order took several hours.
I am using the new iPad this morning. So far so good. ........
I have already had a request from Google for my password....but Apple produced it for me!
iCloud means that all my scribblings are all here, ready to be worked on!
All my photographs have also miraculously appeared!
This morning I am feeling a tentative pleasure in using the new pad in far so good.
I am becoming a nerd but we have a long way to go yet.

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  1. Well done Jean. You are really something of an expert these days. I have only the most basic skills and have trouble using them.

  2. Let's hold hands - I have bought, slowly and carefully pieced together, and am now setting up and transferring my whole life to a new desktop workstation. I've taken each step slowly, one at a time, checking it's complete and working, and with ongoing prayer. St Isidore of Seville has been asked to help with his prayers
    May his prayers be heard for us both! Love...

  3. I find that having your life dependent upon passwords, is bit of a bind. Google wants me to go to two step authentication, but I have enough trouble remembering the one step thing. Now Blackberry has got into the act asking me to setup two step authentication for my playbook and phone. I point blank refuse to bow to a computer telling me what to do. I suspect that i'm a bit of a old fashioned nerd.