Thursday, 30 March 2017

Pleasing everyone?

Gosh the news is dreary and getting dearier!
Listening to all the details or lack of them for getting out of Europe has sent me back to sleep this morning...
It was inevitable I suppose but it's deeply depressing to people like me who never wanted the divorce in the first place....and that's what it's started to sound, no longer finding their relationship compatible , looking for ways of making it acceptable to everyone else...
David Cameron getting out before the going got tough makes complete sense but Mrs May has two problems , to get out with the best possible financial arrangements for our economy whilst maintaining the tough woman stance she is taking up.
It's not a job anyone would want .
And yet ....she has to be seen being strong and determined.......the impression to be given is that she will allow no one to take advantage of her.
At the same time the photographs appearing of her relaxing and smiling show a woman confident of her femininity.
I really hope she can pull it all off but I suspect the task ahead of us is going to be much more difficult than anything we are yet aware of. Because pleasing everyone, over there in Brussels, and the rest of the world as well as here at home is such a mammoth task that at some stage she will find that she can't please everyone.
Getting out and staying friends with everyone is clearly never going to happen...I just pray we can stay stable as a country whilst leaving Europe.
The complications are legion...everyone here has a view , it's not going to be easy.
With any luck our attention to what is going on in America will take centre stage and take our minds off the detail of who gets what in this massive divorce settlement.
No one could be bored...but it did send me back to sleep's not so much soporific as a simple refusal to accept that we really did vote for all this!
And we have months, years of it to live through. Arghhhh!

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  1. Me? This is one divorce that I am pleased about. We in the middle of the country need some one to control the influx of immigrants. Sometimes it's like living in a foreign country with me being the only one who can speak English.
    I have no problem with any particular race or religion as long as they conform to our rules. But they don't, for instance in our very quiet little backwater a couple bought a bungalow and are now turning it into a house. Neither peak English or only a smattering.
    And opposite they don't want their old three piece suite so now it's on the pavement!!!!!!
    My immediate neighbours think it's absolutely fine to park on my driveway when I am not here. What's mine is theirs seems to be the norm.
    You are sort of sheltered in deepest Cornwall Jean but spare a thought for those of us who aren't

    1. I do understand a bit's one of my reasons for living in splendid isolation..but immigration isn't going to stop when we are out of the EU is it?
      Remember I was in Rochdale when the first Asian wave arrived...and the nice northern town I grew up in changed radically. I do understand.....and I know how lucky I am......