Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Power cuts?

I was not really awake this morning...I was listening to the radio with my eyes closed when the sound stopped. A voice then said
"There is no mains electricity."
I opened my eyes.
I could hear the pipping sound emitted by the stair lift when it needs charging.
I was just swinging my legs out of my bed when the sounds stopped.
A quick look at the clock on the radio revealed the reassuring white light. It was on again!
What on earth is happening?
It got me up and moving fairly quickly. I have yet to check what has been affected throughout the house......
But it's not good.
I am fairly used to power cuts here , with over head power lines it's more or less inevitable. But usually there is a warning!
It's quiet outside, no wind for the first time in several days.
It is reassuring in one way.
The disembodied voice came from my alarm system...
Presumably help would duly arrive if the power had stayed off...
It's just one more confusion to add to the rest...
I'm getting used to it....
Beam me up Scotty or whoever else is in charge......

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