Monday, 13 March 2017


A whole series of events this morning took my mind away from my usual blogging. Getting to lunch time without an utterance is most unusual but the news right now is sufficiently interesting to warrant a scream!
The fact is that once more there is the threat of another referendum looming.
I can understand how the brexit vote has encouraged Nicola Sturgeon to threaten one.
It would be very unfair to make the Scots leave the EU when they really don't want to.
But do they really want to have to vote again?
The ways in which our exit from Europe can be managed are all very scary...
To travel into the unknown at this stage when the entire world is undergoing change of various sorts is for many of us just alarming...
The politicians who decided to play with all our lives by getting us to vote last year have a lot to answer for.
There are so many uncertainties right now but the break up of the less than united union that has been Great Britain affects us all.
If we break away ourselves we can't blame the Scots for wanting to remain in Europe...
It has made me ponder though....Cornwall has advocated leaving the rest of the country already mostly due to our geography...we are separated and surrounded by sea on three sides. Erm....perhaps another referendum ?

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