Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Strange friend requests?

Over the last few days I have had unusual friend requests on Facebook. Occasionally I get a request from someone I don't know and ignore it....if you are going to be friends it's as well if some acquaintance has happened.
I not only don't know any of the gentlemen involved I see a pattern beginning to emerge.
They are all mature, widowed and military.
All three are dressed in full uniform.
All three are handsome chaps...rugged, tanned and smiling. One of them lives in Washington. None of them have many friends....yet.
Maybe listening to the recent hearings about Russian interference in the election of Mr Trump has made me paranoid.
Is it some sort of attempt to get elderly females from this country to cooperate with the USA?
Nonsensical though that sounds, something is happening that feels odd.
Are we all getting these requests?
Is there some sort of invasion of Facebook being acted out?
All of my would be friends are handsome chaps...looking good in their uniforms, polished and shiny brass very evident!
I caught one pic with my finger on my iPad accidentally and immediately rescinded it.
They look like the sort of chap most girls would enjoy being friends with....and yet....
I would love to know if we are all getting them. If it's just me should I be worried? Just one chap made me laugh. Two started me wondering...three is enough to get paranoia going....

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