Saturday, 25 March 2017

Summer time?

British summer time starts obviously I'm doing the eight o'clock communion.
This means that I'll probably be awake from about five o'clock because I shall not be able to trust the various clocks around the place.
In theory all the electronic devices should all change without human intervention but can I trust them to do that?
I go back to my old battery driven watch on these occasions.
To get to church in time to do what will be actually a seven o'clock communion is a real test this year!
But it is summer time !
The wind has dropped, the sun is shining and the garden is filled with emerging blossom.
I am fully aware that this can all change in an instant but just for now I am celebrating the seasons change!
So today I will drag out some of the outside furniture stored in my barn for the winter...
I have been using the summer house all through the winter...I just have to clear out the cobwebs...
Boats are going back into the water, I enjoy watching the gradual return to high summer here in St Mawes...from my sitting room I look out on the stretch of sea between us and Falmouth...some little white sails are already appearing...
So getting up very early in the morning really isn't a long as I get to church at the right time in the morning!

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