Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Supreme Court blog!

Modern technology is astonishing for one brought up during the war. In my school, books were in short supply as was paper to write on so we all had slates and chalk. They were easy . A quick wipe over cancelled out all mistakes.
The journey from there to here has been challenging as well as fraught at times but now I am astonished by the technology available to us all.
This week I have been amazed to find that I can watch live the hearings being held in Washington whilst Judge Gorsuch attempts to answer all the questions being asked of him as a Supreme Court Judge.
From having only comics and Bibles in my home during my infancy to having a slim small mini iPad to take to bed with me has been an astonishing journey...
Small news flashes inform me on the top of my screen as they happen.
I still listen to the radio but my main source of information is this tiny rectangle on my knee.
I can see a detailed local BBC weather forecast every day....see the exact state of my bank accounts, play games, do jig saws, chat to friends...
It's all amazing but this latest ability to plug into a High court blog as it is happening is simply miraculous.
I must say that I am very impressed with the intelligence and the morality being displayed daily right now...I have some faith that those people I see on my small screen really will stay independent of the man who appointed them.
It's a weird world we live in...and because of this technology we can see actual government being played out daily!
It's compulsive viewing...
I have Fox News , Washington Post and the New York Times on my iPad...there is no excuse for being uninformed!
The last couple of days have filled me with hope for the future...there are people who are trying to run a democratic government. Alleluia!

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