Friday, 3 March 2017

Telling lies, white or otherwise!

The trouble is it's too easy to tell a lie.
I do it sometimes and only realise later that I've given the wrong information without thinking about it much..
Sometimes the lie is to save another persons feelings. You admire a new haircut or dress whilst not really liking it....
If people ask me a personal question I'd rather not answer I often deflect it in some way, often by smudging the truth rather than being brutally honest.
If I don't do something I'm supposed to be doing I can occasionally be providing a less than honest excuse...
I know I do it. I take myself to task regularly for not telling the truth at all times but then the next time I do it again, either to save myself a long explanation or sometimes not to embarrass the other person.
It's a habit it's easy to get used to.
So I do have some sympathy with Mr Sessions, Mr Trumps attorney general, though not much.
When the answer to a question is of vital importance, it is surely incumbent upon us to be truthful.
We want to know about the lead up to Trumps election victory......we need to know if Russia played any sort of a hand in it.
Trumps protestations of a witch hunt sound very thin right now!

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