Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Temper Tantrum?

Watching the goings on in America right now is providing many of us with a continual show of unbelievable behaviour in a world leader.
It is like watching a spoiled child determined to get his own way and sulking if he doesn't.
Following the defeat last week when Mr Trump failed to abolish Obama Care he sulked, telling America that it would all be done , not to fear!
Today comes another spiteful announcement that in one stroke he will abolish all the laws put in place by the previous incumbent to combat climate change.
He seems determined to wipe all the good things done by Obama off the face of the earth. But this latest pique doesn't just affect his own country....it affects the rest of the world. We are all going to feel the effect of this one.
We've got used to jobs for the boys....but this latest Executive Order is a real killer.
We have evidence that many Republicans are feeling anxious about this man's behaviour...but to actually stop him seems impossible right now.
Here at home I am feeling very sad that article 50 will be signed this week!
I liked being a European.
But our problems are minor compared to having a man who thinks he's been elected King just over the pond.
Lord hear our prayer!

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  1. The old fashioned, politically incorrect term 'Nutcase' springs to mind :(

  2. I totally agree with UK Viewer, in fact, I would add that added to the other two likely ways in which the USA might rid itself of this man there is increasing evidence that he is seriously unhinged. Perhaps sectioning would add the third avenue.

    1. It would take a very brave person to try to get him under control.

  3. History has shown that there are many brave people in America, just not the ones who voted for him. We just have to have faith and hope it won't take too long

  4. He today cancelled all Environmental controls brought in by President Obama - I note that this order is to be challenged in the courts by those opposing him. Hopefully the courts will take a different view from his.