Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Normally during the miserable weather there's quite a lot to do outside. Since I am no longer forced out by my golden dogs there is nothing to make me get up and go.
I did pop into St Mawes yesterday, no problems with parking....the weather has kept our usual visitors at bay...
A stroll around the garden later shows that nature is trying...there's a lot going on out there if you are willing to either get blown over or wet through!
So I am finding solace in playing games...
I like the ones where there are real people...proper opponents. It's even better if you know the people you are playing.
I enjoy Scrabble and most of the word based games and I also love playing Backgammon.
There is a very good site available on Facebook but you can't chose who you are playing and you can't have a conversation with them either, there are some faces either smiling or frowning I see regularly but it's not the same!
But on a day like today when it's grey, damp and windy out there I am honing my skills with a certain amount of guilt.
There are more uplifting things I could be doing...
I have at least two half written novels sitting waiting..
However I am becoming an elderly games player....there are worst things and no I'm not getting another dog...or even a cat! Fish ? Snails? Earthworm? I don't think so!
I am much better when I'm looking after something...this is not an invitation to any waifs and strays...just keeping myself fed watered and happy is enough for now....
When the weather improves I will go back to walking...even without a dog!
Hopefully it will start getting warmer soon!

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