Saturday, 8 April 2017

An act of kindness!

In the middle of talks of war, of death and of fear for the future a silly little thing made me laugh out loud yesterday.
I had done my Tesco shop on line during the week to arrive yesterday morning.
The young man delivering it was one I'd seen before and when I opened my back door to him he had a big grin from ear to ear.
He said I had one substitution and pointed it out on the delivery note.
Instead of a bottle of green ginger wine they had sent me a bottle of sweet pink Californium wine.
"It's not the same at all" he was clearly amused and asked if I wanted the wine.
I accepted it with no fuss and before leaving he apologised profusely.
Having put the groceries, away after lunch I set off to visit an old friend in the next village.
Getting home later I found a bottle of ginger wine tucked just inside the entrance to my back door!
It wasn't magic. But it did make me laugh out loud.
The young man had gone to some trouble to deliver me the right wine...I live a very long way away from the shop!
In the middle of all the doom and gloom a small light shone.
I am grateful for the kindness as well as the wine....small acts like this are important in today's world.
Thank you God, kind young man and Tesco!

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