Saturday, 29 April 2017


I am writing this to post when I get off this ship! I can't post it any sooner because there is no wifi at all. In the first days on board I paid for a package. I had a couple of days when I could post but for the bulk of this trip I've failed....miserably.
And this is the word for the whole trip. Miserable.
It's not like any other cruise I've ever been on. The boat is old and it shows.
My cabin is pokey and dark.
One man on my dinner table for eight has made eating in the evening extremely unpleasant. Slowly everyone else has dispersed....I too am now looking for alternatives.
The visits ashore have been lovely...the crew are polite and friendly. My fellow passengers vary. Most are lovely people but one or two are simply noisy bullies. The bulk of us are from Cornwall on here and I love the sound of assorted West Country accents when we are all together..
The food is excellent. But I shall never travel with Fred Olsen again. And I'm not alone in making this statement. Talking to other people I find the same sentiment repeated frequently and those on my table who make most noise are those who will be back and regard any dissent on this subject as a sort of treason.
It's not Olsens fault but they have allowed the noisy brigade to become their cheer leaders....
Those of us who dare to argue are sidelined in a very unpleasant way.
Getting home from this one will be a relief!
Home! At last!
I am always glad to be back but this time particularly! There were some good things and pleasant people on board but it's not an adventure I shall be repeating....except with another cruise line!

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