Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Clean air.

I am an asthmatic. Despite the fact that it is years since I had a bad attack I still do react to poor air from time to time.
My worst moments of feeling as though I'm drowning on dry land was when I still lived in the north.
Up in Lancashire fifty years ago certain conditions made me cough...sometimes feeling as though I was about to actually choke. This was a fairly regular event .
Moving to North Wales was wonderful...the clean air meant that in three years I never had an attack....and that word is not an exaggeration. You really do feel under attack during the worst times.
Living in Essex wasn't bad....but I cycled everywhere and I have graphic memories of slumping over my bike coughing . But this was a fairly unusual event.
Here in Cornwall I have only had one or two attacks easily dealt with by my inhalers.
So I know how important it is to have clean air.
Over the years various governments have introduced laws aimed at cutting out the worst of the greenhouse gasses.
We bought a diesel car thinking this was the least pollutant . Oh dear!
One reason for enjoying cruises is the wonderful clean sea air breathed in with joy as we travel! But I always take my inhalers away with me...
Clean air is important to us all. Long may we continue to to try to keep it as pure as nature intended!

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